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Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks
(1) ALOE (SOOTHING) : Hydrates and soothes sensitive or damaged skin.
(2) AVOCADO (NOURISHING) : Provides extra nutrition revitalizing dry and rough skin. (
3) BLUEBERRY (FIRMING) : Restores skin’s suppleness and vitality.
(4) CHARCOAL (PURIFYING) : Absorbs impurities and minimizes pores for soft and elastic skin.
(5) COLLAGEN (ELASTICITY) : Gives elasticity to the loose skin. 
(6) CUCUMBER (COOLING) : Provides moisture to dull, dry skin.
(7) GREEN TEA (HYDRATING) : Infuses skin with moisture to clarify your complexion.
(8) POMEGRANATE (FIRMING) : Nourishes skin with long-lasting hydration and a radiant complexion