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Felted Soap - Striped

All of our striped  felted soaps are flat rectangles measuring 4” x 1.5” and 2.5” thick. Soaps are made of saponified  oils of olive, palm and coconut, purified water and a special blend of essential oils.

Bay Rum - spicy, warm and stimulating blend of essential oils of bay, nutmeg and sweet orange

Lavender - relaxing, gently sweet floral essential oil of French Lavender 

Lavender Sage - this earthy, aromatic blend combines clary sage and lemon with lavender and a touch of vetiver for an invigorating experience 

Lemon Zest - refreshing and uplifting essential oil citrus blend of lemon, bergamot, litsea, lemongrass and wild verbena.

Rose Geranium - essential oil blend of pungent rose geranium oil and uplifting sweet orange oil

Verbena - a soothing, refreshing, uplifting, creamy citrusy herbal essential oil blend of wild verbena (lippia javonica) and lemon.