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"Bag Of Dicks" Wax Melts - Same Penis Forever

Same Penis Forever [ sweet, sweet monogamy ]

Congratulate the bride (or lucky groom!) with the perfect gift to celebrate a lifetime commitment to the same dick for the rest of their life! Bachelorettes and gay bachelors alike will be delighted by these lovely sparkly pink peens and their sweet aroma. Reminiscent of fragrant spring wedding blossoms, Same Penis Forever is a bright blend of pink apple peel and sun-ripened berries with floral notes of primrose, jasmine, and gardenia. These special edition peens feature an extra flash of biodegradable glitter, because what's a wedding without a little sparkle? Scents: apple, berries, jasmine, apple blossom, gardenia

ABOUT OUR BAG OF DICKS WAX MELTS These fragranced penis-shaped wax melts are the perfect gift for so many occasions: bachelorette parties, birthdays, graduation, Valentine's Day, or anytime you want to make someone laugh.