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"Bag Of Dicks" Penis Wax Melts - Boatload Of Seamen

A Boatload of Seamen [ fresh salty spray ]

You're sitting on the beach. You sink your fingers into the wet sand as a breeze blows in across the water. The air is fresh and cool. A group of handsome sailors runs past, their muscles glistening in the light of the setting sun. Your reverie is broken as a sudden spray of salty water splashes your face.

Scents: sea salt, jasmine, ozone, citrus, cedar, musk

ABOUT OUR BAG OF DICKS WAX MELTS These fragranced penis-shaped wax melts are the perfect gift for so many occasions: bachelorette parties, birthdays, graduation, Valentine's Day, or anytime you want to make someone laugh.

* 8 fragranced wax melts

* 60–100 hours of burn time

* Packaged in a scent-safe, resealable bag

* Phthalate-free

* Hand-poured with care in small batches in Wisconsin