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Malibu Wellness Hard Water Kit

Kit Contents:

  • Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo (9 oz)
  • Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Conditioner (9 oz)
  • Four FREE Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Treatments (5 grams each)


  • Removes surface mineral buildup (remedy)
  • Eliminates calcium and magnesium buildup which may irritate scalp (remedy)
  • Eliminates discoloration 
  • Protects against future mineral deposits
  • Safe enough for daily use
  • Ultra-hydrating for dry, damaged hair


  • Exclusive sulfate-free surfactant technology
  • Fresh-activation technology (remedy)
  • 100% Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Nourishing wellness ingredients
    • L-ascorbic acid
    • Betaine
    • Flax protein
    • Allantoin