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Fall Is Here...

Fall Is Here...

The summer was warm and busy around here.  My oldest daughter got married, my younger daughters played in the pool all day with my husband, and me?  I worked, worked, worked!

My daughter and her new husband exchanged vows on my parents expansive property.  And boy, were they busy mowing, planting, trimming, painting and the many other laborious verbs you can imagine.  The day was beautiful and a new life began surrounded by family, friends and loved ones.  And of course, the occasional beer shotgunning challenge.

My husband is a high school teacher, so we are fortunate to have him home in the summer to hang out with our younger daughters.  With record breaking high temperatures in Oregon, our swimming pool got an extra workout.  We mourned the loss of our beloved unicorn pool float but she will live on in our hearts forever.    

And all of this happened while I enjoyed the air conditioning from the comforts of the salon.  Keeping women bikini ready with Brazilian waxing, blondes looking blonde and the occasional rainbow thrown in just for fun.

I'm ready for whatever this next season has in store.  Bring it on, Fall!

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